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Dan Murphy, Real Estate and Criminal Law
Dan Murphy
Managing Partner - Real Estate, Criminal Law
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Jessica Cartwright - Criminal Associate Lawyer
Jessica Cartwright
Criminal Associate Lawyer
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Amanda Elsasser, Paralegal & Office Manager
Amanda Elsasser
Paralegal & Office Manager
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Abena Wiafe, Family Law
Abena Wiafe
Family Law
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Karim Broodhagen - Family and Criminal Lawyer
Karim Broodhagen
Family and Criminal Lawyer
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Yodit Kidane
Criminal Defence & Family Law
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Edmonton Criminal Defence Lawyer Opeyemi Afeni
Opeyemi Afeni
Criminal Defence
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Edmonton Criminal Defence Lawyer Ilse Torres Quezada
Ilse Torres Quezada
Criminal Defence
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Edward Sacher, Edmonton Criminal Defence Lawyer
Edward Sacher
Criminal Defence & Sexual Assault Lawyer
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Our Legal Practice Areas

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Criminal Defence

MD Criminal Defence lawyers offer experienced legal representation for all types of criminal charges in Edmonton. Our team has represented both the prosecution and the defence, giving us the advantage in pursuing your legal interests and ensuring your rights are forcefully protected.

Employment Law

Our Edmonton employment lawyers mainly assists individuals whereas a labour lawyer primarily deals with unionized employees. Our Employment lawyers help their clients with understanding, advising, and litigating work-related issues in the workplace

Family Law

The first step is always the hardest when tackling a family issue. We offer a fixed fee first meeting to spend time with you, listening to your concerns, and offering tailored advice. We can also assess your eligibility for Legal Aid .

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our experience with previous case law, provincial legislation, insurance regulations, the legal value of personal injuries, settlement timelines, investigation protocols, and other legal nuances, puts us in the driver seat when it comes to negotiating a fair settlement with multi-million-dollar insurance companies on your behalf.

Personal Injury

There are often peripheral repercussions of your accident that you may not have considered dealing with until an experienced personal injury lawyer brings them to your attention. If unanticipated considerations go unaddressed, you’ll likely not get another chance to seek compensation in the future.

Real Estate Law

Dealing with real estate can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Let us relieve you of all the pressures of home purchasing, selling, and refinancing semantics by putting your trust in our Edmonton MD Real Estate lawyers.

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Lawyers Edmonton AB
Thank you for your educational help on my business matter and for my fiances employment matter Omar Aboughauche!
Dustin Oxenbury
a month ago
I hired Jessica and immediately knew that this was the firm I wanted representing me in court. I was more than pleased with the result. She did her job and did it professionally. This firm deserves more clients because of their ability to be punctual, professional and fair. Do yourself a favor and do away with your stress by hiring from this firm. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated.
11 months ago
Positive: Professionalism , Responsiveness , Value Well from my personal experience shes the absolute best lawyer helped me alot I can honestly say there's not a better person who could of handled my case. Truly one of a kind.
Christian Leroy
a year ago

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Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

First and foremost, it is important to communicate with your children. As a divorced parent, you still have the right to celebrate Father’s Day. Speak openly to your children about how they feel and make sure they understand that celebrating this day is something you both can do together no matter what changes have occurred in your family structure.
Divorce: How to Stop Cutting Weeks in Half

Divorce: How to Stop Cutting Weeks in Half

It’s important to remember that while the divorce process can be confusing and overwhelming, there are steps you can take to regain some control. One of these is to seek out guidance and support as soon as possible. Not only will a knowledgeable attorney provide invaluable insight into the legal aspects of your situation.
Making A Bail Review Application

Making A Bail Review Application

Bail in criminal law is the release of an accused person prior to being tried in court for the alleged criminal offence. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right not to be denied bail without a reasonable cause. That suggests that, where the court sees a reasonable cause based on the position advanced by the crown, bail maybe denied.
Bail Application Upon Arrest

Bail Application Upon Arrest

One of the concerns anyone arrested may have is that of their liberty going forward. They know they will have their day in court, but they may be worried if they will be in custody while dealing with that or be able to attend to it from their homes. In the Canadian administration of criminal justice, bail is allowed during the pendency of trial.
What are the sexual assault laws in Canada?

What are the sexual assault laws in Canada?

Sexual assault laws in Canada are defined in the Criminal Code of Canada and provide protection for individuals who have been subjected to unwanted sexual contact or conduct.
Real Estate Law in Alberta: An Overview

Real Estate Law in Alberta: An Overview

Real estate law in Alberta governs the buying and selling of real property, as well as the ownership and use of land. If you are involved in a real estate transaction in Alberta, it is important to have a basic understanding of the relevant laws and regulations.