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Karim Broodhagen is very knowledgeable lawyer. He handles every client and matter with diligence. You will definitely be in great hands if you retain Karim for your family or criminal matter. He is charismatic in court and has a memorable presence that can be felt by anyone in his company even judges. Great lawyer!
Darlene Sandhu
4 months ago
Positive: Professionalism , Quality , Responsiveness
Magnus Wolfe
a year ago
First of all I would like to thank Dan Murphy for resolving my unequivocal matter with great advice and professionalism. Dan Murphy was great with answering questions and being there when needed. He was well informed and knew how to handle and fulfill my needs. Dan Murphy understood and plead with me. I recommend Dan Murphy as to be the best at what he does and what is needed to be aquire thus fulfilling client(s) need and requirements/necessity. Organized and Punctual with paperwork with answering phone calls whenever the questionable situation is arrived. He has always replied back within timely manner while the urgency is always pushed. . I recommend Dan Murphy to any individual, organization and to family. In addition to that Dan Murphy was very understanding of my financial status and had me pay instalments rather a lump sum which was a big help nonetheless Dan Murphy , thank you for your assistance
KushMan ChronicLes
a year ago

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