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I hired Jessica and immediately knew that this was the firm I wanted representing me in court. I was more than pleased with the result. She did her job and did it professionally. This firm deserves more clients because of their ability to be punctual, professional and fair. Do yourself a favor and do away with your stress by hiring from this firm. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated.
11 months ago
Dan Murphy is one of the most considerate and patient professionals I have ever encountered. His ability to understand and properly address all my concerns while explaining all aspects of any and every issue with complete clarity is unmatched. Thank you Dan Murphy for your expertise. You need not to look any further. Dan Murphy on your side is worth more than currency.
Robert Rewus
a year ago
Positive: Professionalism
Aaron Brabazon
8 months ago

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How To Manage Changing Relationships During The Holidays?

How To Manage Changing Relationships During The Holidays?

Making decisions about how to spend Christmas Day with your children may be among the most difficult conversations you’ll have during this divorce. This is not only because you disagree on what would be best for them, but also because of the emotions that come from having a strained relationship at such an important time of year.
How To Support Friends And Family Through A Divorce?

How To Support Friends And Family Through A Divorce?

Your friend or family member is likely dealing with a range of emotions, from anger and sadness to confusion and guilt. Reaching out and showing your support can help them feel seen and heard during this difficult time.
How To Tell Your Children About Your Separation?

How To Tell Your Children About Your Separation?

When talking about separation with your children, make sure, to be honest, but gentle. Explain what has happened without going into too much detail. Keep in mind that children may never fully understand why this had to happen and they may need help processing their emotions and questions surrounding the situation.